Vortrag Kongress in Trier - Napoleon in Germany

1809 was Jean Baptiste Bernadotte commander of the Saxon troops in the Battle of Wagram. 1810 he was offered the swedish crown and became Crown Prince of Sweden designated by the Swedish Government. In November 1810 he set for the first time his foot on swedish mark. From now on and for more than 200 years until today Bernadottes rules the country.

I take this talk as a reason to congratulate Her Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to her birthday which will be celebrated July 14.

1811: The Peasants’ Revolt in Scania, south Sweden

The theatre of action is “peaceful Scania”, but Napoleon‘s French troops, Nelson’s British fleet and a deposed Swedish king soon appear on stage. A story, that no-one has ever learned at school.
At the dawn of the 19th century, Scania was a rich agricultural area and the bread basket of the Kingdom of Sweden. The economy was growing in 1810, when Sweden concluded a peace treaty with France. In order to circumvent the Continental blockade, under which Napoleon had forbidden any trade with Great Britain, many products were smuggled from Britain via Sweden. Although Scania was the richest part of Sweden, poverty was also present.